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White STYROFOAM Balls-STYROFOAM Products-Smithers-Oasis-4 in-48-


  • $115.16
  • Save $35

  • Genuine STYROFOAM brand backed by 50 years of proven performance and quality
  • Consistent cell size firmly holds stems in place
  • Paints more evenly and cuts cleaner than imitation brands

Please Choose Correct Size & Case Quantity

ξSize Case Quantity
2-inch white styrofoamξballs 144ξper bulk case
3-inchξwhite styrofoamξballs 72 OR 800ξper bulk case (please choose)
4-inchξwhite styrofoamξballs 48 OR 300 per bulk case (please choose)
5-inchξwhite styrofoamξballs 24 OR 160 per bulk case (please choose)
6-inchξwhite styrofoam balls 12 OR 84 per bulk case (please choose)
8-inchξwhite styrofoam balls 12 per bulk case
10-inchξwhite styrofoam balls 6 per bulk case
12-inchξwhite styrofoam balls 4 per bulk case


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