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Floralife Quick Dip 100 Instant Hydrating Treatment

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  • Floralife Quick Dip 100 is an instant hydrating treatment helps maximize solution uptake and keeps flower stems free flowing
  • Aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems.
  • A must for roses, gerbera daisies and field grown crops.
  • Can be used on all flower varieties including premade cash-and-carry bouquets.
  • Ready to use solution, no mixing required

How To Use:  Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment is a ready-to-use solution. The stems are recut. The freshly cut stems are dipped into Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment (1 - 2 inches, or 2 – 4 cm, in a plastic container is sufficient) and then placed into flower food.  

Simply open the bottle and pour 2 inches worth of contents into a clean, shallow plastic or glass container (nonmetallic). The container should be wide enough to dip several stems at a time.  

Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment Solution is an acidic product, thus leaving stem ends in the solution too long can lead to discoloration of tissue at this point.

Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment can be used on all types of flowers, even premade cash and carry bouquets.


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