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Floralife Finishing Touch Spray

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Finishing TouchξHydration &ξProtection Spray, Liquid Spray

Maximize the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs, and evergreens. Finishing Touch hydration and protection spray refreshes, hydrates, and protects with a simple and fast last step measure of insurance before any arrangement goes out a floristŠ—Ès door. A simple fine mist spray is all it takes to maximize customer satisfaction and extend the enjoyment of receiving flowers.

For Wholesalers, Florists, and Growers

Features and Benefits

  • Provides ingredients vital to keeping flowers fresh and the color of petals and leaves vibrant.
  • Ideal for use on fresh flower vase designs, everyday floral and wedding arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, foliage and potted plants.
  • Safe to use on all flower types.
  • Prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning.
  • Dependent upon cultivar, a simple spray mist aids in extending flower life an additional 1 to 5 days.´Žè
  • Use as a light spray-on mist for fresh flowers, foliage and potted plants to refresh, hydrate and protect.
  • Prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning.


Directions for Use

Š—¢ Shake product spray bottle well before and during use. Do not dilute the ready to use product.

Š—¢ Spray a fine and even mist application from the trigger nozzle onto fresh cut flowers, foliage, evergreens, or potted plants for desired effect.

Š—¢ Allow the Finishing Touch spray to dry before delivery of the arrangement or storage.

Container Sizes Available

  • 32 oz. / 946 ml spray bottle (12/bulk case)
  • 1 gallon / 3.78 liter (6/bulk case)


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