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18" OASIS Florist Wire

  • $153.54
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  • Triple coated painted aluminum wire with a dark green finish to help blend in with foliage
  • Supportive of stems and secures materials to wreaths and forms
  • 18" Length (Please choose correct gauge)
  • 12 lbs. per box, 4 boxes per case (total 48 lbs. per case)
  • Please choose correct gauge thickness

Quick Tip: When picking out floral wire, the larger the number (gauge) the smaller/thinner the wire. ξThicker florist wire (lower gauge number) ξis usedξfor larger "heavy" flowers and leaves. ξ

ξType Of Flower Recommended Florist Wire Gauge

Largeξheavy flowers & leaves, roses, wreath work

16-19 gauge
Medium flowers & hard stems 20-22 gauge
Most flower petals and leaves, the "all-purpose" florist wire 24-28 gauge
Very small flowers and buds, used to secure bows 30 gauge




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