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What is UGlu floral adhesive and how do I use it?

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Oasis UGlu is a clean, non-toxic biodegradable "glue" that provides and easy way to design, attach or repair floral materials or centerpieces quickly.  It can be used to instantly hold flowers, wire, or crafts.  Professional florists use UGlu due to its industrial strength properties and the fact that it adheres securely to almost any material.  It can also be easily removed without leaving a permanent residue like normal glues.  

UGlu goes on like double-sided tape and comes in three-inch strips, half-inch dashes or a 65-foot roll of three-quarter inch strip.

UGlu Floral Adhesive

How can UGlu be used with flowers?

  • As the base of a wedding boutonniere
  • Decorating bridal bouquet handles
  • Incorporating flowers on clothing for interesting floral designs
  • Covering boxes with foliage or ribbons
  • Adding fresh flowers to the outside of a vase
  • Attaching decorative materials to vases, bouquets or other surfaces

How is UGlu applied?

With firm pressure! The basics are:

  • First remove one side of the white liner and apply the UGlu to a surface
  • Rub your finger over the remaining white liner to ensure solid contact.
  • Remove the outer white liner and apply your design.

A three-inch strip of UGlu can hold up to two pounds. However, as with all adhesives, prepping the materials you plan to connect is important for a good, solid bond.

UGlu may not bond well to materials that have surface residue like dust or oils so please clean surfaces thoroughly for best results.  Uneven surfaces such as brick might also inhibit adhesion as might polished surfaces such as high gloss floors or wood trim.

How can UGlu be used properly?

Take these steps to ensure that UGlu bonds well:

  • Surfaces – Be sure all surfaces are free of dust, debris, grease, household cleaner residue and oils. Wipe the area clean before attaching UGlu.
  • Skin – Clean with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue before applying UGlu.
  • Fabric – Be sure the fabric is not made of an oil-based product. If it has a smooth or slick surface, rub the fabric with a rough cloth before attaching UGlu.

Again, like all nearly all adhesives, temperature matters. While UGlu works well in temperatures from 0 to 180 degrees F, for best results apply at temperatures above 50 degrees F.

Colder temperatures can cause UGlu to become brittle. Hotter temperatures can cause UGlu to become more liquid. Either state can cause the bond to lose its strength. If the surface you are adhering it to is too hot, cold, or damp, UGlu may not hold.

Keep these quick UGlu floral adhesive tips in mind:

  • Once you have affixed something to a glass vase with UGlu, do not place it in the flower cooler. The cold temperature and humidity could loosen the bond.
  • Don’t place UGlu’d items, such as outdoor wedding décor centerpieces, in direct sunlight.
  • Remove UGlu from a surface by pulling it in a horizontal direction.


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