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Wedding DIY: Bed of Roses Floating Candle Centerpiece Design

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Looking for an elegant floating candle rose centerpiece idea for your wedding? Here is a detailed photo step-by-step guide to making a bed of roses floating candle centerpiece.   This gorgeous red roses centerpiece will create a romantic and elegant mood for your guests throughout the reception evening.  


Step 1.  Cut floral foam sculpting sheet to desired size and shape.  Properly soak your floral foam before starting your rose centerpiece design.  Place UGLU dashes or strips around the styrofoam bottom to later secure your florist wire or satin ribbon cover.

Step 2. Measure, cut, and affix your flat florist wire or satin ribbon around the base of the floral foam sheet. 

Step 3. After soaking your foam, cut and place roses (or desired flower choice) along the edge and top of the floral foam sheet.  Make sure the green wet floral foam cannot be seen. 

Step 4. Space your floating candle vases on floral foam sheet and spray paint the bottom of the vases red (to prevent the green floral foam from showing through).

Step 5. Finish arranging your roses on your floral foam and place your floating candles centerpiece vases inside the bed of roses.  Secure floating candle vases to the bottom of the floral foam with glue if necessary.

Step 6. Fill floating vases with water and floating candles to create your stunning red rose wedding centerpieces. 

Red Roses Floating Candle Centerpiece Ingredients:

Design inspiration for "Bed of Roses" taken from Nadia Johnson-Beard of Studio 82 Events & Design in Houston, Texas.  Contact her here to create your perfect event.  

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