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How To Use Oasis Floral Foam Bricks

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A standard Oasis wet floral foam brick is 9" x 4" x 3".  It can be used in full, or cut in 1/2 or 1/3 depending on the size of your floral tray, vase, or dish.  A full floral foam brick can hold up to two quarts of water.   Make sure to choose the density of wet foam most efficient for your needs based on type of a) flower stem, b) size of arrangement, c) necessary water saturation rate, and d) purpose of the design.


How To Use Floral Foam Brick

How To Prepare A Floral Foam Brick:

1. Use the "float soak" method to place the foam on the surface of the water and nutrient mixture. Let the floral wet foam brick absorb the water on its own.  Do not forcibly submerge the wet floral foam brick as this will result in dry spots in the foam which prevents proper hydration in flower stems.

2. If your floral foam bricks have pre-punched holes, place the wet foam brick in the water with holes facing down to reduce water saturation time.  

Typical floral foam saturation time is 10 seconds to 2 minutes.  If you need wet floral foam that saturates faster, we recommend using Oasis Instant Floral Foam.  


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