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Popular Advent Wreath Floral Foam Options

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The Advent wreath (or Advent crown) is a Christian tradition that occurs in the 4-week period prior to Christmas.  The Advent wreath itself contains four candles on a wreath of evergreen leaves in a circle to symbolize God's eternity.   A candle is lit each week until the last Sunday before Christmas by when all four candles are lit.  Some Advent wreaths include a fifth candle to symbolize Christ, and it is often lit on Christmas Eve. Many florists create floral Advent wreaths out of these popular Oasis foam wreath products ranked in order of popularity:
STYLE 1 Oasis Ring Holder Floral Foam for Advent Wreath, available in 6", 8.5" and 12" diameter.
STYLE 3 Oasis Design Ring Floral Foam for Advent Wreaths with a plate center, available in 10.5", 13" and 14.5" diameters.

This particular Advent wreath was created using the Oasis Design Ring Floral Foam:

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