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How To Decorate Wedding Arbors, Arches, Mandaps, and Chuppahs

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Floral decorations on arches, doorways, trees, gazebos and arbor structures are the perfect to coordinate wedding colors, warm a space, or soften hard lines and edges of a large structure.  The type of flowers, size of the structure, and desired effect all play a role in determining what Oasis floral supplies you will need to create your stunning flower display. Other factors to consider include if quick set-up is needed, major visual impact is required, or quick removal from an event space is essential to the floral arbor design.  

Here's a quick breakdown of what floral products to use when create floral designs for archways, arbors, mandaps, or chuppahs.  

 Oasis Floral Product for Floral Arches When & How To Use
Oasis Jumbo Cage Use sturdy cable ties to create quick floral designs on the corners of archways, arbors, or columns. 
Oasis Bind Wire or Waterproof Tape
Use to secure the floral foam pieces onto arbor or arch structures.
Raquettes Holders
A good choice for a long continuous span of flowers that need a water source.
FLORACAGE® Grande Holder or TRIBUTE CAGE® Holders
Ideal to use for flowers that can easily be placed at the corners of an arbor, arch, or column.
CORSO™ Holder or smaller IGLU® Grande Holders 
Use these floral foam products to add flowers in strategic places like the tiebacks of fabric drapes.
22 gauge OASIS™ Spool Wire
Perfect to use to attach garlands of greenery securely to the arbor structure. Add hand-tied bouquets of flowers by wiring them into the garland.


Many floral products can be used to decorate arbors on-site.  Often times, you will need to consider the architecture of the structure, volume of flowers and amount of on-site design time required to determine the best Oasis design tools to use to create the perfect floral archway. 

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